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Providing the highest quality 24/7 interventional cardiac services

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Interventional Cardiac Care

We offer a wide range of interventional cardiac care services, including angioplasty, stenting, and cardiac catheterization.

Heart Disease Diagnosis

Our team of highly skilled cardiologists uses advanced diagnostic techniques to accurately diagnose heart diseases.

Emergency Cardiac Care

We provide 24/7 emergency cardiac care services to ensure prompt treatment for patients experiencing cardiac emergencies.

Customer Reviews

The doctors at Shalini Heart Hospital are highly skilled and empathetic. They provided excellent care during my treatment.

I had a great experience at Shalini Heart Hospital. The staff was friendly and the facilities were top-notch.

I would highly recommend Shalini Heart Hospital to anyone in need of cardiac care. The doctors are the best in the field.

The team at Shalini Heart Hospital saved my life. I am forever grateful for their expertise and care.

Shalini Heart Hospital, led by Dr. Kalyan Kurapati, offers top-quality cardiac care in Khaleelwadi, Nizamabad, with skilled cardiologists and advanced facilities, ensuring excellent patient outcomes

Community outreach programmes

Ground floor Dr. Subhash ENT Hospital, near Bharathi Rani Hospital, Khaleelwadi, Nizamabad
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Monday - Saturday: 9 AM to 7 PM

Sunday only Emergencies

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